Z-Blends Hemp Oil for Your Best CBD Choice

What makes Z-Blends Hemp Oil stand out above other CBD Oils on the market? Z-Blends is processed using N.E.A.T. (Nano-emulsion Advanced Technology). This is the BEST absorption method possible.

What’s NEAT?

Nano-emulsion is a manufacturing process in which the size of the oil is made small enough to absorb directly into the bloodstream. This is important.

Most oil products are 10-30% bio-available while our NEAT oil is a whopping 85% bio-available.

This is a big deal because you’re absorbing MORE of the ingredients, which means you’re not only getting more for your money, but you’re also helping your body in the best way possible.

Particles of this size are measured using nM (nano-meters). Generally speaking, anything below the 100 nM size is considered pharmaceutical grade. At the 50 nM size it is able to get through the blood-brain barrier. Anything 25 nM or less in size can pass through the actual cell wall safely while delivering nutrients where it’s needed.

Get this… Z-Blends hemp measures between 15-25 nM making it both pharmaceutical grade and the most efficient method of delivery.

What Makes Z-Blends Your Best Choice?

Z-Blends uses a patented ingredient that stabilizes the nanofication of Z-Blends Hemp Oil. Without using this patented stabilization, the hemp oil would “re conjugate” and go back to its original, larger size which will significantly reduce its bio-availability and the effectiveness of the product.

A nanofied hemp oil will have a milky or cloudy look to it. This is evidence of nanofication. If a product is “clear” it is NOT nanofied or NOT nanofied any longer. It may have been at one time, but without our patented stabilization process the product can re-conjugate back together and the bioavailability will have been diminished.

Think about it; 10-30% bio-available or 85% bio-available. That’s a HUGE difference in value that you’re getting… or lack thereof.

What would you rather have?

If you’re looking for company direct discount prices to buy Z-Blends or want to join a fast growing and talented team of good people that will help you, you can get the information you need right here.

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