Are You Up for the Zeal for Life Challenge?

Modern day living is full of health challenges and the Zeal for Life Challenge puts you in charge of your health and life in an easy to live with way.

Taking the Zeal for Life Challenge is for everyone.You can’t argue with the fact that modern living is full of health challenges. Sure, we have our fill of medical innovations and innovative scientific discoveries that help us stay healthy. But still, everyone knows that the majority of people all over the world (and especially in the US) are fighting and losing the battle against obesity, and lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Introducing the Zeal for Life Challenge

To help motivate everyone to win this battle, Zurvita has launched the Zeal for Life Challenge. The challenge is designed to work for everyone albeit slightly different for each individual that takes the challenge. You’ll see why in a moment.

The Principle Behind the Zeal for Life Challenge

The premise is simple but it offers a vast array of health benefits. You don’t just concern yourself with picking the right diet – there are already too many of these diets available in the market. And it’s not about picking the right kind of workout routine either.

It’s actually about deciding on a way of life that helps you become healthier. It’s about taking personal responsibility. The Zeal for Life Challenge is led personally by the renowned trainer and author Peter Nielsen, and supported by like-minded people in the growing Zeal community.

How Does the Zeal for Life Challenge Work?

You start by taking stock of your current health profile, and that includes taking accurate pictures of yourself (if possible) so you’ll have something to compare your results to.

Your “before” measurements are taken such as your BMI, and then you’ll also need to be honest about your feelings regarding your health. Your general energy level and your overall feelings about yourself are noted.

Then you will need to envision your health goals. You’ll need some detailed aims for what you hope to achieve in 90 days. Just as you take precise measurements of your chest, waist, hips, and weight, you’re going to aim for improvements on these measurements as well.

To help you achieve your goal, you’ll be offered a couple of Zeal for Life packages that can maximize your chances of success. You can opt for the Customer Loyalty Pak Wellness Combo that includes a canister of Zeal for Life Wellness as well as a dozen single-serving bottles.

The Cornerstone of the Zeal for Life Challenge

Zeal Wellness is the cornerstone foundation and if you’re looking for a source of premium whole food nutrition and/or a way to drop 5 pounds or so, it’s the product you should start with first.

If you want to speed up your weight loss process or lose 10 pounds or more, your best option is to choose the Customer Loyalty Pak – Zeal Weight Management Program option. This pack includes the Advanced Formula Protein Shakes, Zeal Burn, and the Zeal Cleanse. With this, you even get a complimentary shaker bottle along with a fitness program and weekly bits of advice on how to improve your health from none less than Peter Nielsen himself.

With advice and coaching tips from the noted Life Challenge coach, you can direct yourself to act in such a way that you will progress toward your stated health goals. You have 90 days to make it happen but you’re not alone because you’ll also get some motivational and educational support from other members of the Zeal for Life community who have taken the same challenge as you did.

To succeed, you need to be fully committed to achieving the new you in just 90 days. That’s why it’s called the Zeal for Life Challenge. Seize the opportunity to change how you live your life, so that you will live longer and healthier. Remember, there’s no time like the present to begin taking responsibility for your own health! Go ahead and improve the rest of your life in just 90 days with the Zeal for Life Challenge.

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