Zeal Wellness Explained

The #1 product in the Zeal for Life line-up is the amazing Zeal Wellness Formula. Zeal Wellness is an all-in-one goldmine of premium nutritional goodness.

Experience what real Zeal Wellness is all about.With so many health and wellness formulas available these days, it could be easy to ignore Zeal Wellness. You shouldn’t.

The barrage of nutritional supplements on the market can be like the equivalent of white noise – you end up not noticing the constant buzz of commercial ads that appear nearly everywhere you look.

But it’s hard to ignore Zeal Wellness and you really shouldn’t. Chances are, someone you know personally has raved or will be raving about how wonderful this health and wellness drink is. If they really care about you, then they’ll likely be encouraging you to try it for yourself.

So What is Zeal Wellness Anyway?

The Zeal for Life Wellness Formula would seem like an ordinary health supplement at first glance, but a closer look will reveal some crucial and important differences. Perhaps the most notable difference is that it’s not a capsule, pill, or tablet. It’s a drink. Not a ready-made drink but a concentrated powdered nutritional formula which you can then mix with plain water or your favorite juice. You can even blend it into a delicious smoothie.

You have options when it comes to flavor, and you can choose between Bold Grape, Wild Berry (most popular) and the new Tropical Dream. You can choose to get the Wellness Formula in single serving bottles (which are also recyclable, by the way).

Just pour water into the bottle, “shake and take it” and you’re good to go. These single serving bottles are great for taking your Zeal with you anytime you’re away from home or just like the convenience and simplicity.

You can also opt to get the large canister and simply get what you need for the day and is slightly more economical. Add one pre-measured scoop of this powdered drink into your favorite glass or shaker cup, add water, mix, drink it and you’re all set to go.

With these options, you have convenient means of making sure you get your Zeal Wellness Formula any time – any place.

Zeal Wellness mixes very easily with water and juice, so you don’t get any of those unappealing clumps of powder that can really turn you off from typical of most powdered health supplements. And the taste is great too! Any one of the Bold Grape, Tropical Dream or the Wild Berry should be able to impress even the most finicky of taste buds.

Zeal uses Stevia for sweetness which is all natural and contains zero calories, and you have the option to go with one that contains Guarana (most popular), which is an ingredient that can give you that extra boost of energy. Unlike caffeine from coffee that lifts you up and then drops you back down quickly in a crash, Zeal with Guarana lifts you up slow and lasts longer.

Many people report that it provides long lasting energy, is calming, provides focus and clarity and just plain and simple… Makes them feel good! Many avid coffee drinkers even choose to forgo their morning coffee entirely and are happier because of it.

Zeal Wellness – An All in One Health and Wellness Drink

Now you should know that this formula contains just about everything you need to feed your body for good health. And it’s all made from whole food. It’s got vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, complex carbs, and other nutrients your body needs to function at its best.

It’s a well-known fact that most people don’t get their recommended daily allowance of various nutrients, but Zeal ensures you will have all the essential nutrients in one convenient and enjoyable drink.

So what’s inside this Zeal Wellness drink anyway?

The exact formula is a secret of course and would be hard to duplicate, but what’s not a secret is that you get more than a hundred nutrients in every drink. That’s the kind of nutritional density that’s packed inside a single serving!

56 pills or one serving of Zeal Wellness - your choice?It’s actually possible to replicate the nutrients you get from the Wellness Formula with tablets and pills – except you need a whopping 56 pills to get the same nutritional value!

Besides the expense of buying all these ingredients, who in the world wants to pop that many pills every single day anyway?

We added up over $450 in individual 30 day supplies of health and wellness products that would be required to get everything that you get in the Zeal Wellness Formula. It’s like a premium health food store all in one single jar.

Hear Some Thoughts From the Zeal Wellness Formulator:

Zeal Wellness Formula Contains 3 Essential Blends:

Designed to Enrich – Restore – Protect

  • The Enrich Blend contains basic nutrients derived from various super foods such as broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, blueberry and cranberry. The moringa oleifera extract alone comes with more than 60 nutrients. It’s one of those time-tested elements of ancient Ayurveda medicine that’s also been confirmed by modern science to have beneficial properties.
  • The Restore Blend is designed to help you fight off the effects of aging, as it promotes cellular health through nutrients called polysaccharides. It stimulates your immune cells into becoming much more effective in combating diseases. With Zeal Wellness, you drink the equivalent of about 64 ounces of aloe juice included in a single 6 ounce serving. You also get natural amino acids that help you recover working hard, working out and from various ailments and conditions.
  • Finally, you get the Protect Blend. It’s a blend with more than 80 different trace, ionic, and fulvic minerals so your body gets its nourishment at the cellular level. You need trace minerals to maintain your health, and you get the variety you need from Zeal. Without many of these minerals, vitamins can’t help you with the true nourishment your body craves.

This Wellness Formula is one of the most popular health products from the Zeal for Life product line as it offers immediate benefits, many people report feeling a difference in 5 – 20 minutes, but it also offers dramatic long-term results. The ingredients are natural, whole food, and have been used and time-tested throughout the ages.

Benefiting from Zeal Wellness

What would you think might happen when you put 39 of the world’s most powerful superfoods into your body?

Basically, this drink is designed to help make you healthier in regards to nutritional intake and in regards to how it makes most people feel. When you no longer suffer from nutritional deficiency, your immune system is boosted so your body can fight off disease more easily. It can aid in your weight loss efforts, and also give you the energy to zip through the day and provide more stamina during physical activities.

Now there may be some rather overzealous sellers saying that one of these formulas helped them treat or prevent some sort of disease. Sometimes people can really exaggerate the efficacy of health and wellness products but that should not influence your regard for the formula; good or bad.

The Zeal for Life Wellness Formula is designed to give your body the nutrition it needs so that your body can take care of itself in the best way possible. Many people get great results and swear by it. But it would be foolish to think that it’s a cure-all and will work the same way for all people all the time.

It’s kind of like how some people claim that Michael Jordan never missed a shot or that Babe Ruth never struck out while at bat. Just because those exaggerations were not quite literally true doesn’t mean that those players were not the best in their sport.

The same can be said of this product. It’s not a miracle cure but it is an amazing whole food supplement that can really help feed your body high quality nutrition it craves. This in turn can help your body to improve your health and life in so many ways.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Zeal Wellness Formula?

You should have no trouble finding Zeal Wellness because if they haven’t already, somebody you personally know will probably be raving about it soon. But the best way is to set up your own customer account (for free) and buy your Zeal direct from Zurvita.

The 30-day supply can cost you about $2 a day and can even be free when you share it with others. Nonetheless, it provides you with more than 100 types of nutrients that your body needs, but you’re not getting anywhere else. All for less than 2¢ per nutrient!

There’s even a 30-day guarantee if you want to send in the unused portion of your canister back for a refund. That’s virtually a pro forma offer though because nobody really ever needs or wants to use it. Generally speaking, people love their Zeal.

What do you think happens when you feed your body 39 of the world’s most powerful super foods?

The Zeal Wellness works incredibly well and thousands of people from all over the world can testify to that fact. But what will it do for you? There’s no way to really know for sure but we suggest that you try Zeal Wellness Formula for at least one full month. If you do, we believe you’re going to be really, really happy you did.

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